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Telescopic Arm Forklift Frontloader

Telescopic Arm Forklift Frontloader

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1、Simulated appearance
2、Four channel dual mode lithium battery
3、Rear wheel drive
4、Front wheel steering
5、Manual gearbox
6、Apparatus tilt
7、Telescopic arm
8、Lifting and lowering of big arm
9、Retracting and retracting the hoe
10、Door opening and closing
11、Bonnet opening and closing


Item : Reobrix 22020

Number of Pieces : 2260

Dimensions: Truck (L x W x H) : 51 x 21 x 34,5 CM

Package Type: Carton (without original box)

Include instruction book,1 x Remote Control (Batteries not includet), 1 x Battery Box, 2 x L Motor, 1 x XL Motor, 1 x M Motor

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